Manprit Kalsi- Freelance Interactive Branding Consultant, user experience specialist Photographer Delhi India
freelance consultant and trainer - graphic and webfreelance art director, freelance web designer, freelance graphic consultant, web graphic consultant
art director, freelance web, freelance graphic consultant, web graphic consultant

Latest Projects in Graphic and web design

Web Design for Vo2 Cosmetics
Website Template Design for AIT
Website UI/template design for IILM
Website template design for Sula Wines
Wordpress template design for Tunturi
Website design for J&J Wood Floor Inc.
Website design for Party Time USA
Web User Interface Design for Lootnook
UI design for Ad Management Tool
Website template design for VO2 Cosmetics
Home page template design for Quaker Oats
Web UI design for
Website Design for KFC
Website design for NIIT Tech.
Homepage design for VO2 Cosmetics
Strategy & Creative in Design

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. The best plan for Creative? KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

  • Brand Comm.Planning
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Targeted Communications
  • Interaction Design
  • UX & Product Design
Through advanced consumer research & unparalleled expertise,
I uncover unmet needs of digital business opportunities. With creative concepts & inspired interactivity, I design compelling brand experiences.
Technology & Mobile in Design

I bring expertise through innovation. I know technology, because I love it. Its in my blood and I love living with it.

  • CMS & CRM
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Website Design & Devp.
  • Facebook App.Development
  • iPhone, iPad, Mobile App.

It’s in the blood. I have worked on some of the highest-volume sites and campaigns on the Web. This is integral to my understanding of digital business, which lives & dies by the technology that enables it.

Digital Marketing

A winning digital strategy doesn’t come from boardroom. It’s guided by customers. I can take your brand to the public.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Media Buying and Planning

More and more, people start with search engines to hit upon the exact thing they’re looking for. Whether through paid or natural search, I make sure you’re at the top of their list.

Who Am I

Freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer with a lot of passion for web design, UI design, graphic design and creative thinking.

Working across a wide range of disciplines, from identity and branding, print to web design, I approach all projects with energy, enthusiasm and a belief that the initial idea is key to creating effective design solutions.

I am currently located in the capital of India, Delhi. Nowadays, I am into learning 2D Animation and motion graphics.

Browse through my portfolio and if you feel interested in any of my work and want to discuss any potential freelance work, collaboraitons or full time position, then please email me at


I can deliver high standard interactive websites and marketing strategies. I can help with

  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Interactive Web & Graphic Design
  • UX Product Design
  • Online Shopping Store
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
My Process


I never venture out for any project without a full-proof planning. I begin by creating a careful information architecture based on in depth research and analysis. Then I make a basic wireframe of the art I am working on, which satiates by creative urge and ensures that my art suits the actual requirement. This phase sets the tone for the rest of the project.

Manprit Kalsi, art director, web designer, graphic designer from Delhi India


With the basic wireframe in place, I move on to the design process. I use the wireframe and the information architecture created in the planning phase to craft a visually appealing design. Great design and its usability are the cornerstone of this process.


In the next phase, I pounce upon the challenge of shaping this design into a fully functional website. I have an expertise in crafting standard-based development, so rest assured that your site will be future proof and accessible. I can also develop a customized Content Management System for your website which will enable you to update its content when required.


Your site has been launched! But the work doesn’t end here. The website needs to be maintained properly and regularly. You can again count on me for website maintenance and search engine optimization services to boost the traffic on your new site. I also provide Internet Marketing services to land you more clients. I can also help you know how users are interacting with your site and whether the users are getting the best possible user experience.



"Manprit is literally sought after by the client servicing team to help meet grilling deadlines. Cool under pressure, he creates equally cool designs. While working on a Microsoft project with me, not only did Manprit demonstrate a keen understanding of the client's requirements but also offered valuable suggestions. His knack for considering the details along with the overall picture is trully an asset when working on web designs. A keen learner himself, it is charming to observe Manprit drop a gentle hint or suggestion to lead new designers onto the right path. I, therefore, highly recommend him."
Vandita Gauba, Account Manager, Webchutney

"Manprit is one of the friendliest people you could work with. His calm and cheerful attitude made working with him the easiest thing. His understanding of design and UI is something i haven't seen in many designers. The ease and speed at which he executes high quality work definitely contributed to the overall success of the team. Way to go Manprit! Best of Luck for everything."
Noel Braganza, Sr. Copywriter, Webchutney

"Manprit has an amazing grasp of web user interface design, and has played the key role in creating some of the most user friendly communication efficient designs for the Bharti Airtel account at Webchutney. He has a natural ability to understand the communication and translate it to creative design. His work has won him several praises internally as well as from the client. I would love to have him in my team again and again."
Vivek Das, Business Head, Webchutney

"A cool, calm and a simple person. Knows very well how to handle pressure and perform even under pressure. Very particular about the deadlines and goes out of the way to achieve them. Its a great experience to work with a person like Manprit."
Akshay Bihari Lall, Account Manager, Webchutney

"In the time of crisis Manprit was always the guy to fall back on. Totally dependable and very well behaved. As an art director, he has been doing some amazing work but I know his best is yet to come. He is always so eager to learn which is an attribute an artist must have. I wish him luck."
Indrajeet Bose, Creative Director, Webchutney

"Manprit is one of the nicest, passionate multidisciplinary designer I have ever known. You will find him always interested to upgrade his skills and acquire more and more knowledge. Within a team, he is always supportive and maintains a friendly atmosphere. I shall always remember for his support to me in helping me learn the basics of website hosting. Truly a nice guy to work with!"
Kshiraj Telang, Animator, Ishir Digital

"Manprit is that in your office who comes in time and works late into the night without saying a word and maintaining a wide smile on his face. While one does miss hearing him talk..his work speaks volumes about his talent. Every piece of design he works on is fantastic. And to top it all.. he is quick with everything he does. He is a wonderful person to work with.. and an excellent designer."
Nureen Faiza, Account Manager, Webchutney

"I worked with Manprit during a short stint at eBusiness Interactive- an Internet Marketing agency. I managed Business Development for the company and Manprit was the Art Director. During my role there, I worked closely with Manprit to develop and roll-out marketing campaign pitches for clients. As a designer he was extremely efficient, creative and open to new ideas. He was diligent and paid attention to every detail. Manprit would often stay back extremely long hours to get the job done- and to get it done right. I would highly recommend Manprit as a creative head, or as a designer for any project."
Pratiti Basu Chanard, Business Development Manager, e-Business Interactive

"Manprit is one of the most talented and fastest professional you'll ever meet. His artworks are interesting, clean, user friendly and funny, if the requirement demands it. He works both independently and as part of a development team. And as a bonus, he is warm and engaging and someone that everyone wants to be around. He easily changes his art style to suit the target audience and has good sense of Web and interactivity. He is a tremendous asset for any company. I highly recommend him."
Virender Kumar Jangra, Flash Developer / Action Scripter, e-Business Interactive

"I worked with Manprit some months ago and found him very sincere, reliable, dedicated, honest, and creative professional. He quickly understands the requirements very well and capable enough to produce desired results. His attitude towards work is very good and shows that he would touch the heights in his profession. I'd love to work with him anytime again. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors."
Sudeep Bhatnagar, Freelance Client

Manprit Kalsi - available for freelance graphic and web design work

I have worked on a large variety of graphic and web design projects over the past 9 years for a variety of clients including Airtel, KFC, NIIT, Microsoft, Capital18, ICICI Lombard, IILM, Citi Bank etc.


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I am available for freelance design work. Please feel free to connect with me to discuss any of your design and artwork requirements, I would be glad to help.

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Manprit Kalsi is not a web design/development company but the personal portfolio and visual playground and testing ground of Manprit Kalsi. Most of the work were created while working under past and present full time employers, who solely own the rights to these material. Based in New Delhi and Dubai, Manprit Kalsi provides freelance creative website designing, graphic designing and UX / UI services.