In this article we’re going to cover some of the creative habits that one would want to acquire in order to achieve more success in this world. First you’re going to want to take your creativity and make it about play instead of work. Creativity can frequently hit when you’re really not expecting it and if you’re like most people you’re not going to have creative insights while you are struggling to finish a project or stressing out about something at work or school. So here’s what you’re going to want to do. Turn your work into ply from time to time by making an honest effort to relax and have a little bit of creative fun. Whether this be for a few minutes a day or a few hours a week. You’re going to want to make time for yourself to paint take pictures or even write funny articles, whatever it is that you want to do to flex your creative muscles. Next you’re going to want to start letting your mind wander. Our minds are incredible machines that are capable of creating things that you can’t even imagine at the moment. When we focus all of our thoughts on just one things are minds are simply not free to do what they do best, which is create new ideas. So letting your brain wander and think about anything and everything at once is a great habit that you’re going to want to get into doing. This takes away limitations that we place on our brain in just one train of thought, and by doing this you open a great deal of doors. If you’re having trouble creating new ides though an open mind you can always limit your thought process to something random, this can be anything from a light switch to an umbrella.

     Next you’re going to want to take a hint from nike commercials and just do it. If you have a creative idea for something turn it into a reality right now, don’t wait for a more opportune situation. The more you get in to the habit of a creative thought process the more you’re going to discover how fantastic your ideas can truly be.  Next you’re going to want to start mapping out your ideas. Writing down your idea is a great way for maintaining your creative inspirations. When it comes to working out what ideas work and the ideas that don’t the best solution is to physically map them out using a sort of mind map. When you get into the habit of doing this your creative mind will begin to understand which ideas are good and which are not almost instantly.

Make sure to challenge yourself every week. As human beings our creativity drives us to solve problems. If we take a break from solving problems then much like any sort of un used muscle our creativity can fade into obscurity. Next you’re going to want to celebrate your accomplishments. Whenever you have thought up a creative idea and followed through with it treat yourself to a reward, whether that reward be dinner or a movie.