When creating great web design typography is one of the visual elements that can be used. What leads to good web typography is in proportion to that of good web design.

Good typography can help to set up good visual hierarchy, sending the reader across the page in harmony to the level of significance of the different text and images. It can also presentvisual punctuation and graphic accents to assist readers to join text with images, and headlines with content.

Visual structure is basically made up of the subsequent elements; image, type and colours.For the creation of a good design, designers have to understand the relations of these elements with each other so that good artistic decisions can be made that are in harmony, working together instead of against each other.

Simplicity is very useful in design, but to create a good simple design is not a easy assignment. To make certain of readability, it is recommended that 15 words or less be used for headlines. White type on a black background helps increase readability due to its high level of contrast. Using a strong bright colour gives importance to a headline while a more subtle colour for the rest of the text can help draw attention to the headline as well.

Upsize My Type

To make an impression with typography on the web, the bigger the type, the better it is. Large type will draw the awareness of readers to it. It will also place importance on the hierarchy of the content because of its visual contrast as compared to the smaller text around it.

Playing with Space and Objects

Manipulating space on a web page through the use of typography and images will bring into being a surprisingly good effect. Good management of white space is a vital skill to have for web designers as resourceful use of space is a form of visual relief.

If you persist on putting too much text or images into a space, instead of giving quality and quantity information, you may distract the viewer and turn them off as well. Negative space can play to your advantage, so it should be left alone

Objects that have an interesting shape can also work in unison with typography to help emphasize the design of the page. Use the unique shape of the object to grab the attention of the viewer as well

Here are some examples of the creative use of objects and negative space in web design.

The Axial System

The axial system can be seen ubiquitously, it is like a tree, which has a central vertical line and branches to the left and right to balance it out. It can be both symmetrical and asymmetrical in composition.

Horizontal Movement

Strong horizontal movement works along with typography to make an effective and interesting web design.

Horizontal movement can be accomplished by the simply using a single horizontal line, It will allow the reader to easily interpret the content of the web site by dividing the headline from the menu and the body of the information.

Fun Fonts

It is not easy to create a new font type that is colorful and distinctive; a fun font used in web design sets the tone for the website, and gives the viewer an insight of the designer’s style and also the web site owner’s personality. It gives character to the website and helps in creating the right mood and theme for the web site.

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