Resumes play a very vital role in portraying to the world about you and your achievements. Be it when you are looking for a job or just simply promoting your business, you need an effective resume. It’s important to keep some points in mind while preparing a resume.
Covering letter plays a very important role accompanying a resume. A covering letter gives a better view of a person. You can judge an individual’s behaviour by the kid of covering letter he writes with his resume. It adds value to your resume and adds a personal touch.
After the covering letter, it is the format of the resume that matters the most. A well-structured resume speaks volumes about an individual. No matter how impressive your resume is but if it is not structured well it may not impress the recruiter at all. There are times when employers do not have time to go through the entire resume so if all your information is well structured, the correct and desired information can be extracted from it.
Ensure you mention the post you desire to apply for. It makes it easier for the recruiter to categorise you for various opportunities. Accompanying that is how you define your experience. It is known that prior work experience always add value to a resume. Be sure to mention the latest job experience and then follow the descending order.
Always remember that experience counts more if you are current with the industry standards. Today’s world demands proficiency in computers and some of the most important tools used in computer world like MS office, Adobe etc. Ensure that if you are not good at it and do not mention but if you are familiar with their functioning, then do mention it. It adds value to resume.
Education holds a lot of value in the resume. Your educational qualifications define the knowledge you are expected to have. Do mention your various levels of education and the result of every examination clearly. Even if you don’t qualify for the desired qualifications, it is still advised to mention all your qualifications so that if you can score in any other dimension, you don’t miss a chance.
Always remember that you can carve a niche over your other entire competitor’s by highlighting your accomplishments and awards. This is one factor that helps you gain an edge over others. Achievements at various levels show what kind of qualities you possess that are different from your rivals.
In the end do not forget to mention the references to which the prospective recruiter can call and know more about you. Third party reference adds a lot of goodwill and gives a winning edge. What your recruiter may come to know from others about you is something that even you may not be able to highlight about yourself.
Keeping the above information in mind you can work to build the most perfect resume that can get you to your dream destination.

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