It is established and proved that if you do not have web traffic, your web site is not working the way you planned to.

There is a long list of ways and strategies to increase web traffic, although they are not easy to find by people not related to this subject.

We can find Joint ventures as a Tactic to enhance web traffic, nevertheless this requires relations and connections with others, another inconvenient of this Tactic is that usually the ones that have a great traffic also have a lot of products of their own. Is really hard to have a Joint venture but if  you have the possibility and the connections it will help you a lot.

Having a great list of affiliates helps you out too, you only need to send an attractive email, if you do not have that list it will take some time and hard work to build one.

Another Tactic you Could apply is, create a product allowing others to keep a 100 percent profit of the sale, this requires a really popular item, still you will need to work on the affiliate list, plus you wont receive anything from the product sale, in this Tactic you will be working not on your web traffic but with your affiliate list.

To generate great traffic, the idea is, put a lot of content into the view of the search Engine, here we have steps you Could follow:

Investigate the hot keywords your clients are using, one tool you Could use for this is Google keyword tool. Google external shows the top keywords that are being used and which ones of these keyword people are spending Money on.

Another way to look for hot keyword is typing the keyword on Google and see how many adwords appear in the right side of your page. This shows how many pages are being announce with that specific keywords which give us an idea on how important is that keyword.

Once you have chosen your keywords, write at least 20 articles, with an attractive title that contains the keywords, the title will give you a strong position on the search Engine, the articles Could be 500 words or less, you Could do a search of the keywords and see what Experts are saying about the subject. On the articles add a resource box that linked to your page, you Could add “for more information” or  “read more”, that way if people are interested in the article you will get web traffic, also use the keywords as an anchor text.

Convert the article into a mp3 podcast and upload it to podcast directories, write press releases, you will have to link to two or three pages you want the attention from.

Upload the video, press releases and podcasts, to common video share sites, article directories, podcast sites and press release sites.

When time passes you will reach the point of mass critic, do get to this point faster you Could use wordpress which has RSS aggregators, social Networks and bookmarking sites like delicious.

Increase web traffic means a lot of work your the regard is worth it.