Never use invisible text

Using invisible text Could get you banned from the search Engine, do not forget that the main purpose of search Engine optimization is allowing your web page to appear on the first places of a search Engine, when a person uses the keywords you enter on your page, the page will come out on the first Engine search results. To do this the page must be comprehensible for Google or another search engine. Do not trick the search engines it wont help your page rank it will get you banned, you wont even had the chance to appear on the results.

Text helps more than a cool and an astonishing image, a many people want their web pages to look cool and Amazing, by replacing the Readers for images, this will not help out with your page rank. The header is an important element for a web page, headers give a general idea of what the page is about and what to expect of the content, same thing happens with search engines they give a glance at the header and form a general idea of the content in the page. For example if you want to sell Computers, putting on the header Computer allows the search Engine to locate your page in that keyword. So changing images for vital text it crucial to obtain high rank page.

Another aspect and this is the most important one to obtain high rank is the tittle tag. The tittle tag is the link that appears in blue letters on the results of a search Engine, this aspect also helps the search Engine to know what is the content of your page.

Use your file names as an advantage. Using key phrases and keywords as the name of your files, helps the search Engine relating the content of your page with the search one person is doing, the more connection your page has with a search, the possibilities that you page ranks high on the search Engine increase. It’s important to put keywords but be carefully not to full your head lines and tittle tags, also having your keywords on the URL helps with the search results,.

Other advise that will help out is, organize your page, divide it into different pages that represent the different activities or content that a page has, remember not to put the same tittle tag on the same page, instead put different tittle tags, keywords and key phrases that represent the pages, this will help your appear in the search Engine results of this keyword and elements.

Have a smart anchor text, the anchor text is a link to your site, instead of having and anchor text with a –click here-, try putting the keywords, key phrases that represent the contents of your site, this way Readers will have a general idea about your page, the content and what to expect of your page, also search engines such as Google will rank your page on the high levels.