If you have a web site chances are you’re going to want to prepare it for windows internet explorer 8. Along with firefox and google chrome internet explorer 8 is one of the most popular browsers for search engines that currently exists. Recently internet explorer eight has released something called RC1. For those who are not familiar with the terms, these release candidates are versions of software that are still not ready to go out into the general public to use since all of the major bugs and errors have yet to be entirely ironed out. These kinds of software releases are usually more or less complete with the exception of the final bugs. These are typically made available for the purpose of allowing the masses to test the software themselves.

In the case of the RC1 Microsoft has released a statement saying that all the features intended for the full release of their product have been included and the real release of the software should behave in a similar if not identical fashion. This allows many web developers to try IE 8 on their websites and adjust them so they work properly when the final version is finally released. If you’re interested in downloading and testing this browser yourself, you can direct yourself to the Microsoft IE8 website. A plus do this is that if you’re using windows 7 you won’t have to download anything seeing as this browser is built in to this particular operating system. For those that don’t want to install the unreleased software on their particular computers there’s always the option of installing it via a virtual machine, like the ones that are listed on PC Emulator and Virtual Machine websites. This way you can use the software without actually having it placed on your computer. This means that the program or browser will not actually be installed on your hard drive.

This means that you won’t have to deal with any sort of malfunctioning browser. This is a release candidate so there are chances that it’s gong to have some bugs that the final version will not have. The virtual machine allows you to test out this software without actually having to have it installed on your computer. This method means that you can still keep your current version of internet explorer without having any other sort of problems with installation. For those that are not familiar with this particular concept you’re going to want to read a tutorial on how to read multiple browsers on a single machine. These sort of tutorials can be found all over the internet.
If you want to try out the new version of the browser before it’s release date than this is what you’re going to want to download. If you don’t want it to remain on your computer for fear of other problems than you’re going to want to use the virtual machine. Thanks to the new CSS support there is a possibility that certain web sites will not be compatible with this new browser.

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