Domain names are the names of the websites which identifies any specific website e.g. manpritkalsi is a domain name for Every website needs a registered domain name before it can be visible to others on the internet. A few precautions are discussed here and should be kept in mind before purchasing domain.

Domain name front running

Many people assume that there are domain name front running who check around the list of available domain names and then sell it out to someone, usually at higher price before anybody else can buy the domain name through a registrar. Although,  searching for available domain name is possible but no third party can reserve those domain names unless they are bought from registrars.

Unscrupulous Domain name registrars

Sometimes a domain name registrar may show all the domain names to be reserved whatever option you give to them. Actually they keep your free domain name and show a fake result. Later on you are opted to buy some other domain name from them but at a higher price. This technique is very common among domain name registrars. However there are many valid registrars and one should domain names from them.

Tips for registering a domain name

Make a list of all the domain names that you like for your website. If you have made up your mind to buy one then check it at registrar. Don’t lose your own innovative domain name by just checking at domain names since many registrars may keep the domain name if you don’t buy it.

  1. Check you domain name at the registrar from where you will be buying the domain. Do not type it in your browser too since if there a domain name front running then they may reserve it.
  2. Once you check the availability of domain and you find it free. Buy it immediately. Don’t keep waiting else someone else might register that within a few seconds. Although it may sound strange to you but registering for a domain is a 24/7 process and anyone may reserve it before you decide.
  3. If you are checking for a set of domain and can’t decide which is better or not, then buy them all. Since the yearly fee for a brand new domain is only $10 USD. It isn’t a good practice to buy a resell domain at higher price later on so reserve all. If you don’t need other domains later then you can sell them too.
  4. Never post the domain name on a blog or chat room which you intend to buy. Since anyone over there may register it before you could go to the registrar and check its availability. Some people also ask for opinions on domain names, avoid it too. Only discuss it with the persons whom you trust or is a partner at your website planning.

Avoid such mistakes and you may have your domain registered at authentic domain name registrars.