In this article we’re going to discuss ten ways that you can maximize your monthly revenue. As of right now there are a great deal of web masters struggling hard to earn their daily wages from their sites. These sites typically get less than a cent from ad sense CPC, however there are some of the brilliant among them that are making much more all the way up to the thousand dollars a day mark from ad sense ads on their own web sites. In this article we’re going to cover some of  ways that you can make ad sense work for you. First you’re going to want unique content. Make sure that your site is filled with unique hand written content so that it can rank higher on the search engines. This will result in a higher amount of traffic to your web site. Search engines love content, but more precisely they love unique and new content. This means that they will come back to your site time and time again. The more they come back to read your new unique content the better your site will be when it shows up in related searches. There are a great deal of ways that you can get unique content on your site. First you’re going to want to write valuable unique content every single week and add these to your web pages under useful tips or any sort of news heading. This gives lots of value and allows you to build a resource pool for your potential customers who have come to rely on your site as a great place for valuable info. Next you’re going to want to use ad blocks. Use ad sense ad blocks because this is a bit of prime real estate online and this is where a great deal of the money can be found. Next you’re going to want to blend your ads. You’re going to want to get rid of anything that’s very obviously an ad, and change the colors to make sure it looks more natural to your web sites visitors. Remember you’re not trying to deceive your visitors, but you’re going to want to display ads within the TOS outlined. Doing this is a hands down way to increase your overall CTR which means click through rate. In order to further increase this you’re going to want to wrap text around your ads as well. A lot of sites have tried to place ads above or before articles, but this encourages visitors to just jump right past it and move strait on to the content. Make sure you use custom colors and make sure to have a high paying niche. This means a key word that has a good number of competing advertisers that are willing to spend the money. You’re going to also want to place ad sense in your top page, and remove it from your footer as placing it in the footer takes away from it’s importance and suggests that it’s not to be taken seriously.