If you’re aware in any capacity of the internet and some of the major news on it then you’re probably aware of the decline and fall of a browser known simply as internet explorer 6. As of right now the particular popularity for this browser has fallen into the negative so the majority of sites are no longer supporting it. If your web site does support internet explorer six there is no pressing need to disable the support for it. So when are you going to need to remove the support? It’s hard to say. Like many things that don’t actually die or get destroyed old browsers just fade away into obscurity and disuse. For example many sites support an old popular browser that was known as netscape 4. Chances are you remember the ads that were on television advertising netscape 4 as a cheap browser. This particular browser was popular back in the nineteen nineties and early two thousands. As it stands now even long after it was popular back in those days there are still web sites and servers that support it. It did not just disappear off the face of the earth one day. When it comes to browsers they do tend to fade into obscurity as the popularity of new browsers grows. As it stands the internet itself has become a great deal more complex since the earlier days. A great deal more people are online now and they use a variety of different web browsers. These people get on the internet for reasons varying all the way from social networking to online business. A lot of people have asked if you should work solely in internet explorer six when creating your beginning web site. This is not an easy question to answer directly. This entirely depends on your site design skill level, the type of software you are using and the purpose and audience of whatever your web site is all about.

     Some web site designs require very little work to get them to function under internet explorer six. Such designs are more often than not extremely simple designs that have nothing to do with the lot of alignment between the various elements on the web page or the specific placement of the various blocks and text graphics. For these kind of web sites a simple IE specific style sheet with a few minor adjustments should get it to work. You will always have to invest a certain amount of your time in this particular project, however the design is not complicated so the amount of time you spend on this project will be somewhat minimal. Those who are designing web sites using the supplied templates for software such as dream weaver may not need to go in to as much work under internet explorer six. The purpose of your web site and who the target audience are should also factor in to your decisions as to whether you’re going to want to spend any time supporting internet explorer 6.

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