If you want to be creative and increase your creative potentials you need to acquire the following seven creative habits:

Have a little creative fun.
Creativity can hit while you are playing and not working or it can just happen when you had least expected it to happen. This means that when you are relaxed you become more creative so turn work into play and have a little creative fun. Make time for your self for a few minutes or hours and do what relaxes you most. For example you can paint, take pictures or read funny articles. Creativity sparks by adopting this habit and creative ideas will be much more impressive.

Let your mind be free.
Allow your mind to wander freely for some time as this incredible thinking machine sometimes can hardly be able to use imagination or creativity because when it is busy it can do the best as supposed. Your brain when relaxed and free can open up a lot of doors. Fuel up your creativity and put a limit to your thoughts and let your mind wander around for new creative ideas.

Do not wait and do it as soon as you can.
Do not wait when you have a creative idea but just let it become a reality as soon as it can. Putting off your creative ideas may allow other people to acquire it and get applaud instead of you. Just jump into your ideas and let the creativity spark.

Write down creative ideas.
Mapping down ideas can spark creative inspiration. It will be helpful when it comes to working out those ideas if they had been noted down earlier. Mapping ideas is the best solution and this habit of writing down the idea will help you to get more great ideas.

Creativity solves problems.
As long as you do not stop using creativity your creative thinking will remain sharp. There are always creative ways to resolve an issue.

Celebrate when you overcome hurdles.
Creative thinking is rewarding and creative accomplishments become a habit even when things get rough. It is a good idea to celebrate when one of your ideas are accomplished. Give yourself credit and reward yourself when you have accomplished a creative idea. Go to movies or buy yourself a new dress is a good way to inspire more creative thinking.

Creative habits.
Give room for your creativity to expand and adopt new creative habits. Your creativity grows when you focus on it. Let is improve and do not hinder your creativity. Do not give lame excuses to yourself and let the creativity take on you. Acquire and seek new creative habits to get innovative ideas.

These seven small changes or habits will be very helpful for you to spark your creativity and prepare you for acquiring creative thinking.
These may not be big change in your already thinking pattern but these habits can produce effective results. The more you focus and the more your creativity level increases. The more you become creative and the more you will love to create.