Taking utmost care and comprehending the needs of the customers is the basic trait when a brand takes strides to have a good grip over success. Jet Blue Airlines walks no different from this feature rather it meets the people’s demands in style. Their focus on offering outstanding customer service at a mush reduced air fare has played an instrumental role in bringing humanity back to the air travel.

          If we take a survey of the big brands like Amazon, Nordstrom and Dell, we can find they have understood the customer satisfaction which is the key factor in tallying their business objectives with customer needs. They build up a common platform for ongoing testing, feedback and enhancement cycles to run into the daily practices. These also include some investment in listening and learning procedures which helps to bring transformations to the user’s experience. The output can be seen in obvious forms like good revenue returns and loyalty.

          User experience is a philosophy and it does rest on many factors which are often influential to the end productivity. They have been elaborated below.

Place comfort:

  1. Comfort in real life and on the web slightly varies in features though the basics remain same. The brand personality of the company is clearly mirrored via copy and content which embodies the tone and voice of the company in it. Sites should be very lucid in elucidating their services and contributions which helps the consumer to trace out his needs.
  1. The homepage should clearly indicate the purpose of the site, company or manufactured goods in a concise manner. Create an easy way to reach back to homepage so that the user does not have to wander about. The user should easily locate what he is looking for with relevant links.


  1. Control over the appearance of pop-ups to a minimum number of times. Include the download options to PDF format or other media by displaying the file size and approximate download time.


Greet intuitive experience:

It is apparent that our everyday experiences linked with various products, services and companies vary with ups and downs. The site interface influences the experience a lot if it is user friendly. Introduction of online environment has simplified to understand the behaviour of complex applications these days.

Providing an easy starting point to every visitor can make them feel the site has integrated every step to make them understand and lend help in what they are looking for. Navigation keys should be friendly along with the links and contents so that the user finds easier to read and surf at the same time.
Properly organizing your site is essential which awards a clear sense to the visitor. The links and any items roped in with clicks should look lively with images and headline texts.



  1. Maintaining brand standards offers the users to have a long lasting experience. Style Sheets can be employed to create consistency and quick updating.


  1. Incorporating clear and un-biased labelling through out the page helps to retain the best experience of the user.

Trust factor:

  1. This is very vital when the user secures his online payment and other business transactions. Customer care numbers and their sincerity in responding the calls is the foremost way to build the trust. The mode of contact can be extended to other options like email, live feedback, etc.


  1. Notifying the customers about any transformations occurred in the site and asking them to involve themselves in surveys helps a lot in lightening the trust inside them.