The viceversial proportion of web traffic and web business is parallel. If we check Statistics of sales without a good sales letter, we will come to a conclusion that it produces an enormous difference in ones business. But there are lots of ways to drive traffic to your website without investing lots of money. Unfortunately most people don’t know how to do it.
To drive traffic jointly (joint venture) is considered as a best way to promote your website. Practically it produces good results. But one of the drawbacks of these joint ventures is most people have their own interest in their traffic. To make it clear, they have their own products to put forward and many of them are committed to each other.

The thought of emailing also have two problems.

  1. It will take long time to develop a big email list.
  2. It’s also correlated with good and strong relationship between you and your customer.

If you put a signal board in the middle of traffic, it will produce some result. For example, if you have a possibility to make a less expensive product and contact other websites to market it (without taking profit) will produce fast result.

Let’s go through some simple ways

Do you know Google have a magic tool to produce a better result with keywords? The tool is known as Google external keyword tool. This is free to use and can refer keywords that are related to it.

You also can use your keywords more than 20 times in different articles. At the same time you also need to check your title too. The titles can produce wonderful results with search engine.

The articles should be less than 400 words. If you have some problem with articles you can refer article directories and Google. Here you will get better ideas. You also can add resource box. This also helps you to drive more traffic to your site.

Do you ever think of producing a movie to get more attention? If no you can try that too. It’s simple you can put your central points on power point slides. You just flip the slides and later record it using camtasia screen capture (software).

Try to make an MP3.Just read your article and record it. You can also do it using free recording software’s. For a reference you can use Audacity.

Press releases also help you to produce a better result. But the title of your press releases should be the same as your topic. If you are intelligent you can easily do it .One thing you must keep in your mind is that press releases are written for SEO purpose. Later you can link two websites just need to get attention to your site. Your links will help your to call more attention to your site. The links you added will use the keywords as an anchor.

You can also submit the works we discussed before. Like videos, podcasts and press releases to the following places.

  1. Article directories
  2. Video sharing sites
  3. Podcast aggregators
  4. Free press release sites.

The after all result is that you put much more content in space and this will later produce positive results to your site.