I was excite to receive the mail from Adobe with the messaging that said

“With the right tools, your creative horizon changes. A tree is still timber, but suddenly in a
whole new way. Old ideas germinate again, and new ideas branch into unexpected
opportunities. Welcome to Adobe® Creative Suite® 5—software that will allow you to reach
more people, more effectively, in more places, with whatever masterpiece you can imagine.
Join us for the exclusive Asia Pacific Online Launch Event, Tuesday, April 13, 2010
at 9:30 am India Time”

I have been waiting for Adobe Creative Suite 5, since long and now on April 13, would love to join the exclusive Asia Pacific Online Launch Event. It will be a great experience.

On April 13th, Adobe will officially launch its Adobe Creative Suite 5, but it will not be publicly available for purchase since Adobe has not announced a release day yet.