Today’s web is world of tab-based websites. Tabs also referred to as module tab, is a technique where multiple content can be used at a single space using tabs and pane. It’s used to separate different content, thereby enabling the use of more content at a place. Module tabs are being widely used in websites and web applications. Tabbed designing has become a popular design element in websites in the last few years. The main objective of this tabbed designing is to allow a viewer to have a look at related information at a time, also enabling him with the facility of checking other contents in different tabs by either clicking or hovering over the tabs.

Tabs separate different section which contains different information in a pane. Since the tabs enables complete separation of contents, the labels of the tabs should be very clear and should also be understandable easily by the user. Every tab should be of different colour and should have great contrast between the active and inactive tabs, for this will give a clear view to the user about the active area.

When tabs should be used in designing

» Should be used when there are more than 2 and less than 10 sections.

» Use when you have to show different information in less space

» Use when the category titles are relatively short and predictable.

Use when the number of categories is not likely to change often.

I have searched the web and have come across some website which I love because of the way they have used the tabs in their design. Here goes the list of the same.


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